Welcome to Astonia 3 Invicta

What are we all about?

Astonia 3 Invicta is an MMORPG that takes place in a world filled with Mages and Warriors. He or she begins their adventures by training and preparing for the challenges to come. Skill points gained by players from solving quests, discovering new areas and killing monsters, can be applied to a large selection of skills and attributes. Players gain military ranks and higher stats, which allow them to wear higher level equipment that will drastically improve the greater challenges that lie ahead.

How to start playing?

To start playing Astonia 3 Invicta, you must REGISTER for an account. Once your account has been registered, you may LOGIN and create your first character. After creating your first character, download the Client from your Account Profile which you will use to login to your character and begin your exciting adventure!

Astonia 3 Invicta is a FREE-TO-PLAY version of Astonia 3, a game by Intent Software.


Astonia 3 Invicta is a free-to-play game where much of its cost is convered personally by the developers. Now you can contribute to the funding of our development and maintenance of the server. All contributions entitle you to rewards available to your character(s). Click HERE to DONATE today!